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Monchita is married to High School Sweetheart, James Davis Jr. and a mother of one, James Davis III.

The Monchita philosophy is based on a winning inevitable attitude and passion.

Quote: Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.

Monchita Pelletier Lee, born and raised in Nashville Tennessee, a sibling of five. This visionary and inspiring entrepreneur grew up surrounded by a family of excellent cooks, and restaurant owners. Monchita credits her love of baking and cooking from her aunt (Virginia Lee), a retired cook who cared for the siblings after losing their mother at an early age to cancer. Monchita would always watch her aunt cook and it would bring back loving memories of her mother’s cooking.

Born with a sweet tooth, desserts are Monchita’s favorite. She has always loved some good ole home style Peach Cobbler. Which lead her one day to ask her aunt how to cook these delicious desserts, and to her good fortune she was blessed with a recipe handed down to her from three generations now four. After baking several peach cobblers from its original family recipe, she knew this delightful dessert deserved more. Being the innovator she is, it’s not a wonder she would take a basic family recipe from its original version and make it her own version. Monchita hands are definitely blessed with the Midas touch. She created her very own homemade flaky butter crust from scratch; in addition, to a combination of scrumptious mouthwatering fruit filling flavors your taste buds will not forget.

Baking cobblers for more than a decade for family and friends, Monchita was repeatedly told she needed to market her dessert. After, having a dream of starting Monchita’s Homemade Cobblers. Monchita licensed her kitchen, and has been relentlessly dedicated, and committed to baking these delicious gourmet cobblers daily, and winning the hearts of dessert lovers everywhere. Blended with creativity and confidence, Monchita has been courageously executing her company, focused on quality and consistency.

Monchita’s vivacious and oftentimes playful personality, mixed with a teaspoon of love, a tablespoon of faith and tons of sweat equity, she has delivered some of the best made from scratch homemade cobblers you will ever taste. A family recipe tweaked to gourmet perfection.

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