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The Lady Behind the Recipe:

My Aunt Virginia Lee, a retired cook of 30+ years with the former Lakeshore Wedgewood Nursing Home (Nashville).  The Matriarch of the family is a tireless worker and one of the greatest cooks of all times.  She definitely has a heart for family.  Auntie as we call her was a sibling of eight, and my father’s eldest sister. Auntie never had any children of her own; however, until she received five at the same time; after, our mother Joyce Trotter Lee, at the tender age of thirty six succumbed, due to her battle with cancer.  Auntie left her world as a young single beautiful woman to care for me and my siblings, and has blessed our families with four decades of her life. 

This mastermind of a cook has effortlessly created some of the best homemade cobblers; classic peach, blackberry, apple just to name a few.  In addition too, her delicious pies and cakes.  One of my fondest memories was Sunday Dinners your taste buds will not forget.  She’s mom, auntie, sister and friend. 

The rock that not only rocks the cradle but the future!

Auntie the Lady Behind the Recipe…


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